How To Find Court Arrest Records

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A person’s criminal history and arrest record is their own business, isn’t it?  Actually, arrest records are everyone’s business by law, and they can be had for free.  You have to know how to find them, though.  Do you know where to go to find arrest records?  Do you know who to talk to?  Can you look arrest records up online?

Where to Go

Do you know what kinds of arrest records you want to find?  Are you checking out the records for a new nanny who will be caring for your children in all kinds of situations?  You will certainly want her arrest records from the state and the county.  You may even want to run a federal arrest records check if she comes from out of state, or has ever lived and worked in another state.  What about her driving record?  Has she ever been arrested for driving under the influence, or does she have any reckless driving arrests?  Has she been the cause of several accidents?  Can you feel comfortable putting your children in a car with her?

Who to Talk To
You could pick up the phone and call the agencies that you want to get the arrest records from.  For the county you would want to call the clerk of courts office or the sheriff’s department.  The city will have a clerk of courts as well, and make sure you talk to the civil and municipal courts as they are separate entities.  State and federal, well, good luck getting anyone on the phone and expect a lot of transfers, only to get back where you started.  You’ll likely get fed up and disconnect before you find the arrest records you need.  You are better off paying for a background check in these instances.

Arrest Records Online
Many of the record keeping authorities are now putting arrest records online.  These are not as simple to find as you might think.  For example, if you know that the nanny lived in another state at one time, you would need to check state, city and county arrest records.  You could narrow it down to the city she lived in and surrounding cities and counties, but keep in mind that people often don’t get arrested where they live.  This search can be exhausting, but in many cases arrest records can be found online. 

There are agencies that will do the search for you for a small fee.  If you need arrest records for a good reason, like checking out the nanny, it will probably be money well spent.  If you’re just being nosey about the new neighbors, it’s probably not worth spending money to find their arrest records.


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