Arrest Records In Davie County, NC - Good Luck!

Good luck trying to locate arrest records for Davie County, North Carolina.  For that matter, I wasn’t able to find any free arrest records for any part of NC.  Is there something about that state that they aren’t required to share arrest records and other information like other states?  Maybe they just don’t want to. 

Davie County does have a couple of very nice websites that tell about the towns and the community and schools.  The Sheriff’s office also has a somewhat informative website, but fails to produce any kind of arrest records information at all.  I’ve also checked for arrest records with the Clerk of Courts website, and even the North Carolina Supreme Court website.  I knew it wouldn’t be there but I thought I would give it a shot.

Maybe nothing really happens in Davie County, North Carolina.  The towns sound like small town communities.  Could it be that they have no crime in Davie County?  I have a hard time with that thought.  There is no entire county without crime and arrests.  Records have to be kept somewhere, and there is this little thing called freedom of information. 

Yes, North Carolina is required to share arrest records information, among other public records, but they are not required to make it easy on us.  They are not required to make public information available on the internet.  But with today’s technological advances, it would seem that information isn’t truly public until it is published somewhere for all to see.  The internet would be the one place that would give every person access to public information like arrest records.

You might wonder what makes me think that every person has internet access.  Well, you have a point, not everyone does, unless they go to the library, or a family member’s or neighbor’s house, or even some coffee shops and hotel lobbies have computers hooked up with internet access.  I should be able to go to my library and look up arrest records anywhere in the country, even Davie County, North Carolina.  And so should you.

Since I don’t have the ability to go to Davie County, NC and search their courthouse arrest records, I had to pay someone to get the information I needed.  I was actually surprised at how easy and convenient that was.  Sure, it cost me a little bit of money, but somebody else did all of the work finding the arrest records I needed.  Yes, access to those arrest records should have been free, but that doesn’t mean they will be easy.

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