Why Would You Do A Catawba County Arrest Records Search On Yourself?

Have you ever just completely forgotten something important?  Some people forget birthdays.  Some husbands forget anniversaries.  And then there are those who forget court dates.  Oops!  When you forget your court date in Catawba County, it’s likely that they will put out an arrest warrant for you.  The thing is if you completely forgot about your court date, you won’t even know Catawba County has an arrest warrant for you.  But somebody else will know.

Arrest records are a matter of public record.  Anybody can search your name and find your arrest records and your arrest warrants online.  All they need to do is type in your name and Catawba County and they will have all the information about your criminal past. 

The problem with some of these searches is that the person doing the search might use the wrong company and they are only going to see the fact that you have been arrested and have a subsequent warrant out for you.  If it is a potential employer doing this search for your arrest records and that was all they found, there’s no way they are going to give you a job.  Even if your arrest was for jaywalking and the warrant is for having a bad memory.

Other people might want to run arrest records searches on you, too.  Have you started dating someone new?  She will want to find out all she can about you before she lets things get too serious.  It’s a girl thing.  Do you have new neighbors with children?  Parent are funny that way, they want to know all about the people their kids will be living near.  They might do an arrest records search on you and all the other neighbors just for peace of mind.  Maybe you have a busy-body at work who enjoys spreading gossip.  This person is probably checking up on everybody just to get the scoop.  It’s hard to say who or why someone would want to search your arrest records, but you can bet someone has or will do it.

Maybe you should run an arrest records search in Catawba County on yourself and just see what comes up.  If nothing else, you can be assured that there are no arrest warrants out for you.  And if there are, you can take care of things right away because waiting only makes things worse in these situations.  An arrest records search on yourself can save you a lot of aggravation and embarrassment.


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