I Need Arrest Records From Dupage County, Illinois Court, What Do I Do?

Arrest records for Dupage County, Illinois are not available to the public online or by telephone.  In order to find court records you need to go to the county courthouse and either speak with someone at the Clerk of Courts office or use their information terminal.  So the court records for Dupage County are available in a database, they just haven’t taken the initiative to put them online for anyone to see.

This creates a problem for someone who may not live in Dupage County, or even in the state of Illinois, who may need to look up arrest records for some reason.  Somebody might have had a loved one arrested there and needs the information from the arrest records.  They could call in for the information but often times these days it is difficult to get someone on the telephone.  It could be also that calling in during the hours that a person would answer the phone is inconvenient or impossible for the person needing the arrest records information.  They may have a job that prevents them from making such a telephone call. 

Putting this information online for public viewing would be very convenient for people who are not able to call in or get to the courthouse.  Many counties make their arrest records and court information publicly available for just this purpose.  It would also be cost effective for the courts to do this.

The courts have someone who inputs the information into a database already.  They then take that database and store it on a public computer terminal within the courthouse, for which they are using electricity to keep running five days a week.  They also spend time on the telephone looking up arrest records and answering questions that could be easily found online.  They would have far fewer questions to answer if they had a message at the top of their voice mail directing people to the website for information. 

The office of the Clerk of Courts already has a web presence.  This is how I found the information stated here.  I do not live in Dupage County, nor do I live in the state of Illinois.  It is 8:00 in the evening and I need to find the arrest records and court records of the proceedings for a loved one who has been arrested and went to court today.  I’m not able to go to Illinois, nor am I able to call from my factory job during business hours.  Do I just have to continue to be uninformed?  Thanks Dupage County, Illinois, for not allowing me to find the court and arrest records for my loved one (sarcasm intended).


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