The Trouble With Finding Arrest Records In Dickson County

When I visit the Dickson County website in search of public arrest records, I am surprised to find that the site has moved as of Feb. of 2008 and it seems it hasn’t been updated completely yet.  I am unable to retrieve Dickson County arrest records, although there is a public records link.

You see, I am a divorced mother who receives child support from my ex-husband who lives in Dickson County.  Recently the child support has stopped coming with no explanation.  I don’t live in Dickson County and don’t know any of his friends there to call and inquire about it.  But I have a feeling that I should be checking his arrest records to see if he has gotten into trouble – again.  This has been the case the past two times that the child support has stopped.

I tried calling the Dickson County police department but they didn’t have any arrest records and suggested I go on over to the county records bureau to see what I could dig up.  I’m not sure if they were telling me the truth, or if they just didn’t feel like taking the time to look.  They also told me that if he was arrested, it may have been done by a different branch of law enforcement.  They said I could try the Sheriff’s department, the State Patrol’s department, the Marshal’s department.  I don’t even what Marshals are or what they do.  How am I supposed to find them?

I decided to go back online and search some more for my ex’s arrest records.  I spent four days in an exhaustive search both online and on the telephone, with no results except a brief news story I ran across about a former arrest that I knew about.  He had already served his time for that one and been released.  I did wonder, however, if he was given probation for that crime and possibly had violated his probation.  I would think his arrest records would show these facts.

After my four day search with no arrest records, and still no child support, I decided to let someone who knew what they were doing run the search for me.  I went back online and found a website that I could pay to search for arrest records as well as all sorts of other background information.  They found his arrest records and my gut feeling was right.  The ex is back in jail on a probation violation and I won’t be seeing child support for another three months.  Good thing I paid for those arrest records.

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