Searching Arrest Records Of Your Napa County Neighbor

Consider this scenario.  You’ve recently moved to Napa County and you’ve had the opportunity to meet your neighbors and, for the most part, you like them all.  But there is that one neighbor two doors down who just gives you the creeps.  He’s pleasant enough when you see him out, but you rarely see him out, and his wife is always wearing dark sunglasses and she seems to avoid everyone as she dashes out to the mailbox and back in.  Something just seems wrong, and your children play with his kids down in their yard. 

Does this scene sound even vaguely familiar?  Have you ever had one of those neighbors that you just didn’t feel like you could trust, especially around your children?  Should you even worry, or just chalk it off as an overreaction and forget it?  You can do an arrest records search on the neighbor and see if he’s been in trouble before.  That might be enough to put your mind at ease. 

So you go online to do a Napa County arrest records search.  You should have all of the information you need.  You know his name and his address, which should be enough.  The problem is you can’t find anything online that doesn’t cost you money.  Now you have to consider whether or not you want to pay to check up on this guy’s arrest records. 

If you don’t check his arrest records just because it will cost you a few dollars, and something happens down there while your children are in his yard, you will never forgive yourself.  But if you do check his arrest records and nothing shows up, you will feel guilty for not trusting him. 

Checking someone’s arrest records feels a bit like you are invading their privacy.  Don’t worry; you aren’t invading anything that is not publicly available in Napa County.  The law states that anybody can check anyone’s arrest records for the past seven years.  If he has done something within seven years, don’t you want to know what it was before allowing your children over there?  Don’t feel guilty; it is perfectly natural for you to want to protect your children.

Go ahead and spend a few dollars for the peace of mind that your children are safe.  Run the arrest records check on the neighbor.  He will never know you did, and if you find something that you don’t like, you can at least keep a closer eye on your children when they are in his yard.  If there are no arrest records, then you can feel better about him.  Now you wonder, what’s with the sunglasses?


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