Find The Pinnelas County Arrest Records On Your New Guy

So, you’re dating a new guy.  Congratulations, he’s cute!  But what do you really know about him?  You know that he used to live in Pinellas County, FL.  You know that he is a roofing contractor in the summer and sells Christmas trees in the wintertime.  You know he drives a great car, maybe too great for the money he should be making, hmm.  Do you know if he’s ever been arrested?  You should check his arrest records.

Its okay if you really like this guy, you still have a right to know what he’s done in the past.  That funny feeling you have about him that just won’t go away can be alleviated by a quick online search, leaving you free to enjoy the relationship.  But what if that nagging feeling has something to it?  What if the guy has arrest records longer than his Porche is wide?  Wouldn’t you like to know?

You could ask your new guy if he’s ever been arrested.  He might laugh it off and tell you that when he was a kid he was caught outside after curfew and they arrested him.  He might even come clean about the time when he was in a bar fight and got arrested with 20 other people.  Or he may tell you that he’s been clean his whole life.  What do you believe?  How well do you really know this guy?  The question really is how well do you want to know this guy?

Go ahead.  You know you want to find out if this guy has arrest records.  Do a quick search online for Pinellas County arrest records and see what you come up with.  You might even want to check in the town you live in, too.  For that matter, while you’re at it, you should probably just go ahead and check the entire country.  You don’t know where he lived before Pinellas County.  You also don’t know if he may have arrest records for surrounding counties.

You could go online and try an exhaustive arrest records search of every county surrounding Pinnelas County, and your county.  But it’s not likely you will have time to search every county in the US before you and your new guy break up or get married (ultimately one of the two has to happen, right?).  If you want to know everything, and you know you do, you can pay a few dollars to a professional online company that will do an arrest records search for the entire country in just a few minutes.  Is it worth it to find out if your new guy is all that he seems?


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